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watering_garden_imageNormal rainfall will keep most plants growing in outdoor beds and borders content for most of the year. Only in hot, dry summers supplementary watering is needed. Plants growing in pots, hanging baskets, tubs, window boxes and other containers will need watering regularly.

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Green goes with everthing!

Frogs in a pond  image thumbnail Do you have frogs in your garden? Frogs live around any water source, such as swamps, marshes, lakes, rivers, streams, and temporary pools of water caused by flooding or rainfall. Their eyes bulge outward to enable them to see in all directions, although they seem to stare blankly! A frog's sticky tongue is used like fly fishing. When it sees a meal, it casts out its tongue and reels it back in to swallow the meal!
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The tale of Sir Robin

Robin image thumbnailUntil the early years of the 20th century the Robin was known as the redbreast. He is a member of the thrush family and related to the blackbird and nightingale. Male and females are very territorial, singing the same song in winter. Robins frequently sing at night, usually under artificial lights and are often mistaken for nightingales. The Robin is Britain's national bird.
Listen to a Robin's song

Soundclip İ: RSPB

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Grassroots Landscapes Resource team

Grassroots Landscapes have a dedicated team of highly experienced landscapers at their disposal as well as other personnel in complimentary fields to create or transform delightful bespoke gardens. From time to time we employ other professinal services to compliment our existing expertise.

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UK National weather forecast

Of paramount importance when designing gardens or enjoying them!

The Met Office website offers national, regional and local weather forecasts as well as specialist weather data.

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Writtle College Essex. Where it all began!

Grassroots Company Director studied at Writle Agricultural College in Essex for four years, gaining a Higher National certificate in Horticulture.

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Earthwork Garden Design

Offer a wide range of bespoke garden design and services

Annabelle Wilding and her Twickenham and New Forest based team often feature in Grassroots projects provding garden design services at their best.

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Rachel Anderson Garden Design

Twickenham based garden design team

Rachel and her Twickenham based team often feature in Grassroots projects provding concepts for future Grassroots landscaping projects.

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Annie Shaw Garden Designs

Sunbury based garden design team

Annie and her Sunbury based team often feature in Grassroots projects, designing and offering consultancy on garden designs.

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silverland_logo image

Silverland Stone Company

Natural stone and paving experts

A supplier of a variety of high quality landscaping and garden products, including paving, Indian Sandstone, English Yorkstone, Limestone, Granite and slate.

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Challenge Fencing Company

Supplier of timber and woodcare products

Main supplier of  fence panels, trellis, screening products, willow and hazel hurdles, timber posts, gates, railway sleepers, chainlink fencing and decking.

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WL West Timber Merchants

Sawmillers Timber Merchants Fencing Contractors

A reputable suppiler to Grassroots Landscapes of timber, bespoke gates and fencing installed or manufactured to client's specifications.

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